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I have a requirement where I need to find duplicates and remove from the list, but I am unable to figure how to iterate and remove duplicates. Can anyone please help me with this? I don't want to use sets, my requirement is different so I want to process within the list.

 public List<Schedules__c> planSchedule(Map<Id, Opportunity> OppsPriorID) {

        List<Schedules__c> SchedulesToProcess = [
            SELECT Opportunity__c,Month__c,Year__c, term__c
            FROM Schedules__c
            WHERE Opportunity__c IN : OppsPriorID.keySet()
        /*the above list may contain duplicates that means for different records Month__c and Year__c values will be same
        Record 1: Opportunity__c = 'Test',Month__c = 'Aug',Year__c = 2021, term__c = 1
        Record 2: Opportunity__c = 'Test',Month__c = 'Aug',Year__c = 2021, term__c = 2
        Record 3: Opportunity__c = 'Test',Month__c = 'Mar',Year__c = 2021, term__c = 1
        Record 4: Opportunity__c = 'Test',Month__c = 'Sep',Year__c = 2021, term__c = 3
        Since Month and Year are repeating,we are considering Record 1 and Record 2 are duplicates even term__c field is different 
        so when iterating list below I would like to remove Record 2*/
        for (Schedules__c oppSchedule : SchedulesToProcess) {
            oppSchedule.Opportunity__c = OppsPriorID.get(oppSchedule.Opportunity__c).Id;
        return SchedulesToProcess;        

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The easiest is to create a Set<Object[]>, something like the following:

Set<Object[]> alreadySeen = new Set<Object[]>();
List<Schedules__c> uniqueSchedules = new List<Schedules__c>();

for (Schedules__c schedules : SchedulesToProcess) {
  Object[] key = new Object[]{ schedules.Month__c,
    schedules.Year__c };

  if (!alreadySeen.contains(key)) {

This takes the two important values and uses them as a value that can be added to a set. Object arrays nicely handle equals and hashCode which makes them ideal here.

At the end, the unique entries are in uniqueSchedules.

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