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I am trying to display a picklist based on values of a soql query in my controller. However the picklist is not working- it is not showing any values. What am I doing wrong here?

Vf page snippet:

<apex:outputLabel value="VENDOR Name :"/>
<apex:selectList size="1">
    <apex:selectOptions value="{!vendorAccountNames}"/>

Controller snippet:

public List<SelectOption> vendorAccountNames {get;set;}
recordtype rt = [select id from recordtype where name = 'Vendor'];
public void getProjectNames(){
    vendorAccountNames = new List<SelectOption>();
    List<Account> projects = [
        SELECT  Id,Name FROM Account where recordtypeid = :rt.id
    for( Account acc : projects ) {
        vendorAccountNames.add( new SelectOption( acc.Id, acc.Name ) );

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Rather than having to directly call the method through the controller like sfdcfox mentioned in his response, you could change the method from void to List<SelectOption>, rename to getVendorAccountNames, declare vendorAccountNames inside the method itself instead of outside, and return vendorAccountNames in order to take advantage of Visualforce Getter Methods.


public List<SelectOption> getVendorAccountNames() {
    List<SelectOption> vendorAccountNames = new List<SelectOption>();
    for (Account acc : [SELECT  Id, Name FROM Account WHERE RecordType.Name = 'Vendor']) {
        vendorAccountNames.add(new SelectOption(acc.Id, acc.Name));
    return vendorAccountNames;
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